Not that I’m gonna get all nostalgic about a 1947 VW Bug, but it’s simplicity amazes me –

Gas? Check. Fire? Check. Okay, we’ve got the ‘engine’ part covered.

Now for the controls –

Looks straightforward enough….

I took the diesel in for service and they offered me a bit on a trade-in for the Bug. I thought about it for a while. Until I realized they were talking about the NEW New Beetle, and not the cool, ancient, old Bug on the showroom floor.

Probably better off this way I guess.


An exterior shot. Sorry about the poor lighting and all the reflections, they’re more for the pretty new cars. Not so much the oldies.



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6 Responses to Simplicity

  1. christine says:

    The interior looks amazing. Give the people an exterior shot of this gorgeous mint dream!

  2. Yetso Francis J. says:

    Is this the model with the Pop Out turn signals? Called the “Maux nix” sticks in german? Knew a girl in college who had that model and even got a ride in it once.

    • cyetso says:

      Yeah, the pop-out turn signals are on this one. Thought they were introduced later? This one is a 1947 model.

      • Caroline says:

        I remembered that the correct spelling of the german phrase is…”Machs Nix” meaning makes no difference. Saying this so that a Deutch speaking person doesn’t get a large “guffah” from it.

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