Full house

Jamie is in town from Denver –


Bryan, knowing there would be free food around, showed up too –


They may not approve, but it’s situations like this that demand that I keep the camera out. And turned on. And when they aren’t paying attention, randomly take photos. Making them feel goofy and look goofy-er. Tough. That’s what we old people do. And as long as I’m buying (dinner, drinks, room-n-board, laundry services – whatever), I get to be that way.

Wait til their Grandma and Aunt show up in a couple hours – that’s when the REAL fun begins.



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2 Responses to Full house

  1. Caroline says:

    Hi kids!!! Caroline

  2. Jamie Flaherty says:

    Thanks Charlie! That was definitely my favorite picture of me. What can I say… I’m extremely good looking!

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