New camera, same old subjects

The replacement camera arrived, and they failed to send the replacement photographer. New Yorkers, never getting anything right.

So we’ll just have recycle the old one and get all the mileage we can out of him.

New camera thoughts;

In this first photo you can really see how well it illuminates the blacks of Hopps versus the whites of the railing. Actually, you can really see how disgustingly filthy the deck gets after 7 months of rain….


This second photo shows how well it performs under low-light conditions. Not really, just giving you a fern update, well over a foot tall now –

This shot exemplifies the powerful struggle between Republicans and Democrats. Just kidding, no politics allowed. Just the flowers in the front yard with the sun hitting them in a kinda cool way –


This is bound to be Marla’s favorite, as it will demonstrate my ability to feed the squirrels while she’s outtta town –


In all seriousness, new camera is just that – new. Cool so far.



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3 Responses to New camera, same old subjects

  1. Marla Yetso says:

    So glad the squirrels are not starving!

  2. christine says:

    Hopps looks so dramatically black against the railing! Enjoy the new camera.

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