So long my friend

9983 miles of trails & roads, and roughly 6 feet of sidewalk on 35th. Mostly ‘Good’. Plenty of ‘Great’. A bunch of ‘What have we gotten ourselves into now’.  And roughly six feet of ‘Oh boy, this is gonna suck’. We’ve been upside down, backwards, underwater and airborne – most of it due to my mistakes. Yet there wasn’t a single time you left me stranded or stuck. You’ve been a good steed, my DRZ.

Now it’s time to move on to new owners and new journeys. Marco, meet DRZ; DRZ, meet Marco. Be good to each other and play nice.

You’ve served me well old friend, so long.

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1 Response to So long my friend

  1. Dotha says:

    Only by closing old doors can new ones open. The only direction to move is forward. Dotha

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