Dreams do come true

So the spring has brought about some really wild weather. Snow, rain, sleet and other stuff that doesn’t stop the postal service – it’s all in the mix these past few days.

So I’m driving home, Jimmy Buffett on the radio, sunglasses cutting the wicked glare from a late afternoon sun. The clouds are shifting – sunglasses on, sunglasses off, the battle is on. I give in, the clouds have won, ditch the Ray-Bans, and pull into the supermarket parking lot. Walk to the hardware store, and on my way out, it starts HORKING SNOW! That’s cool, off to pick up whatever I’m making for dinner (Boboli pizza – I’ve had a hankering all day for pizza), and the wind starts to blow like mad. Out of the store and on the way home it starts to clear, the tail of this front is howling through here in a hurry. As I get to the top of the street, I see ‘It’. The world’s most awesome rainbow. Not a double rainbow, but a pretty awesome single rainbow. And the end is right at the end of the street. Right by the house! So I gas it (diesel it really), to find that oh-so elusive treasure. Oh, don’t play it like you don’t know what I’m talking about – The pot of gold? At the end of the rainbow? You’ve looked for it too. Sadly it’s always been in vain for us, hasn’t it? Well, not today my friend, that rainbow is ending right in front of my house, and I’m getting me some pot o’ gold. I park like Elwood in front of Chez Marla&Chuckie, run my fat ass across the street to  where my retirement fund sits in my neighbor’s yard, and – DAMMIT MAN! That little bastard from the Lucky Charms box has beaten me to it. ARRRRGHHH! So very close, so VERY close.

Watch your ass cereal-boy, this may not end well for you.

And how about taking some of the loot and buying yourself a decent sportcoat? May I suggest Ralph Lauren?

Happy St Patricks Day everyone

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1 Response to Dreams do come true

  1. Caroline says:

    Great story!!!!!! M.

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