Road Trippin – Part 2

The Tom Yetso Memorial Invitational is in it’s infancy, but growing. This year we doubled the size of the field from 4 to 8

Weather was fantastic for the day, the first tee shot – RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE

The onlookers were serious in their preparations

Some not so much

Time for a tuneup – 8:05 Heineken

Seriously, perfect day

Priorities – Skycaddie, off. Water, unopened. Beer, check

The future is growing all around us. Thanks to the Wente family for putting up with us, and providing what I think is a rather fun golf course.

After golf, the fun continued

When is the food & drink getting here?

The Troop

Carry on

If you smack my ass again

I will choke the air out of you




Seriously, thanks everyone for a grand time. Steve and Amy, letting us invade your house, BBQ and refrigerator for the post party was above and beyond – Thank you!

APW and family for making the trip – Thank you.

Til next year (Pebble Beach anyone?)…



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1 Response to Road Trippin – Part 2

  1. Mom/Dad says:

    Cheers! Great job organizing the golf. And “twas was a beautiful day. Mom had fun with Marla discovering Livermore and its highlights. M&D

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