Road Trippin – Part 1

Back in early May, I got on the Guzzi and headed off to CA for the memorial service of a school days friend.

Beauty conditions as I headed out after work, sun and mid 60’s –


Goal for day 1, get to Portland –


Day 2, head for the coast, much better than I5 and much more entertaining –


El Puerco wanted to hit the links, sadly I had to explain that it’s a ‘walking only’ course and that was unlikely given the two wheels. Besides, I left the clubs at home, the dog ate my homework…..


Stelvio called me chicken, I’m not sure –

Yes, I talk to my motorcycle. Yes, it talks back to me.



On to California –


And some rather large trees –


And I do mean BIG –


Get to the Bay Area around lunchtime, and you know what that means? It can only mean one thing –


Managed to watch qualifying with David in Half Moon Bay. Good coffee, good chatter. A couple shots from his camera –


A little family time and the service, and it was off to home and in a hurry. No photos of the trip back. The coast was windy like crazy, and the the I5 from Southern OR to home was a cold, wet drizzle for the most part. By that time I just wanted to get home.

First big ride on a motorcycle, and something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I will take the lessons learned and apply them to the next trip. Overall a tremendous success and a helluva ride.

Thanks Marla for letting me meander, for the on the fly map resource, for being the hotel reservation desk. What more could I ask for? You’re the BEST!

RIP Eric. Taken way too soon, you will be missed.

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2 Responses to Road Trippin – Part 1

  1. Mom/Dad says:

    Quite a trip Charlie! a real test of fortitude!
    We enjoyed the narrative…

  2. EM says:

    Cool Trip Chuck…did not know you went to Cali..hope you had a good time….Love your bike…I’m selling my BMW R1150RS….done with it…

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