Okay smart people

What kind of bird is this?




First, sorry for the terrible photo. Strange little bird ran right in front of me on the ride home. Crappy photos were all I was capable of at the time with the equipment on hand.

Second, what is it? Maybe it’s a partridge from someone’s pear tree? It is that time of year. Maybe it’s a squab? Cornish game hen? Pheasant?I don’t have any idea.

Someone help me out here.




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3 Responses to Okay smart people

  1. irrelevant says:


  2. Marla says:

    Colinus virginianus, Northern Bobwhite. Part of the pheasant family, and is a rare find they say! Check it out: http://www.birdweb.org/birdweb/bird/northern_bobwhite

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