The best laid plans. Shot. Well broken anyway. Marla’s foot –





The top arrow points to a chunk of bone that got ripped off the top of her foot. The other arrow points to the break in the Calcaneus – what we call the heel-bone.
Doctor – “Six weeks in a boot, crutches for at least 4. You’ll be working from home and not driving anywhere. I’ll see you back here in three weeks to see how things are progressing.”
Us – “Thanks Doc, see ya then.”

So for the first time in forever we’re going to have to cancel our Thanksgiving in Whistler plans. We’re kinda bummed, to say the least.





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5 Responses to Crack-a-lack-a

  1. christine says:

    that stinks. but the boot isn’t that bad–she’ll be up to her old tricks in no time.

  2. AJ says:

    Awe that really stinks. Let us know if we can do anything help out.

  3. Francis J. Yetso says:

    So sorry about the foot, Marla. Hope that it does not hurt toooooo badly, but you can get some enjoyment looking at the beautiful, and colorful pictures on the blog. Both they and your bones are impressive. M.

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