Score at the yardsale

While I was out drinking golfing yesterday, Marla managed to snag this sweet $1 prize at the garage sale up the street –


Yardsale score


Hammer in hand, he is now protecting us from drunk/high/whacked-out people trying to let themselves into our house at 4:30 am. Best one dollar security system on the market if you’re asking me. Scary bit – Kinda looks like my neighbor….

110, at a course that normally kicks my butt, if you’re interested. Not bad for the second round of the year. I’ll have that handicap in the mid 30’s just in time for the golf season to start. That’s when the money gets made….



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2 Responses to Score at the yardsale

  1. Dotha Cheney says:

    How have you lived all these years without this amazing guardian ? You must be sleeping better.
    Not bad on the golf either.

  2. marla Yetso says:

    Best dollar I ever spent!

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