That was a bit offside

I asked the bus driver for a ride. King County Metro said ‘NO LIFT’ –


no lift


I kept on walking.


5 minutes later, a giant truck pulls up. Dude leans out and asks me ‘Where you want these?’. I told him to go ahead and put them anywhere. He dumped em in the ditch –


poles in a ditch


I kept on walking.


Five minutes later I see the neighbor putting the finishing touches on his new fence. Beaming with pride he asks me ‘What’dya think?’. I replied that all looked great, except that he was just a few inches off on his measurements –


new fence, old fence


He told me to keep on walking.



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One Response to That was a bit offside

  1. Dotha Cheney says:

    A walk-a-bout can lead to many wondrous things. DJ

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