Exhibit A

Your tax dollars at waste. Well, mine really, and everyone else in King County.  I give you Exhibit A –


The claim


As you can see, the Department of Natural Resources and Parks has decided that this pond is indeed important. So very important that we have a new fence, new privacy slats for the fence, and a beaut of a sign trumpeting their accomplishments. I suspect there was a grandiose dedication ceremony for the pond, celebrating it’s new-found status. Oh yeah, the pond in question? Behold –


mud filled ditch


Looks an awful lot like a mud filled ditch between two houses to me. But I didn’t spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars funding studies to determine the sensitive nature of the mud filled ditches. No, the State provided me that service, using my money.

Pretty nice of them, huh?

Thanks State of Washington, you’re wasting money with the best of ’em.





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3 Responses to Exhibit A

  1. lumpy says:

    yeh, and it prolly took a blue ribbon commitee to determine the COLOR of said sign, undoubtedly the fence went to the HIGHEST bidder ‘cus he has the sterling GREEN reputation. I positive they did their best and sucked a little FEDERAL dollars down that hole.

  2. cyetso says:

    Mud. Should be full of mud. Maybe some frogs.

  3. Marla says:

    and maybe some slimy stuff…

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