A novel idea….


Well, alrighty then. 5 years on from the addition to the house, it’s time to finish that little project. Today we become, Door Installation Professionals (Amateurs really, as we’re not being paid for this. And since Merriam-Websters is rather stern about these things….).

A bit of smashing, some drilling, and some sawing, mixed in with some swearing and power tools and this is the result –

No, it’s not finished. Maybe tomorrow after golf, but right now I’m tired and it’s getting dark. Yes, it opens and closes. No, I don’t have any idea why or how it works, it just does. Dumb luck I suppose. And yes, there is still cleanup to be done –

Tomorrow. Next week. Maybe after the window installation next weekend? Whenever. Not like it’s going anywhere….

Knobs on –





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6 Responses to A novel idea….

  1. christine says:

    Looks pretty darn official to me! (Er, except for the duct-taped bit near the top, but otherwise, totally legit.) Nice job, Mr. Fix-It!

    • cyetso says:

      Now what kind of self respecting fixer guy wouldn’t use duct tape?
      It’s actually “flashing” that’s supposed to keep out our liquid sunshine. At least that’s what the guy at the door store told us. And I believe him. Cause I have absolutely ZERO experience with these types of things…..

      • christine says:

        I stand corrected. Flashing sounds very important and I absolutely defer to the door store guy. I know even less about these things than you. 🙂

  2. cyetso says:

    Actually, we now are in the same knowledge boat.
    Good thing it’s not critical!

  3. Marla says:

    ** Correction… This project is not officially complete until there is a door knob… sorry, it’s a door thing. After golf there was jsut more golf, then Nascar… on the TV…

  4. cyetso says:

    Is it done now?
    Oh wait, it isn’t REALLY done until it gets a coat or two of paint. And we all know that I DO NOT paint. So let me know when that paint is dry, I’ll be over here relaxing, watching sports on the TV, cooking dinner…….

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