No Hangover = Goin riding

My French-Italian friend Guy did not over-imbibe on Friday, so Saturday we went out for a little bit. Hopped on a big boat Vashon Island. Thanks to WSF for not letting it sink. I’ve known people that worked for the ferry system, some of them are what you’d call ‘not real motivated workers’. So it always amazes me they actually float, let alone transport all that traffic every day. Anway, 20 minutes later and we’re off touring the Island. Nothing epic, or anything like that. Just nice to take advantage of what may be the last decent day of the year weatherwise. Good fun exploring new turf.


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One Response to No Hangover = Goin riding

  1. Mom/Dad says:

    Fun pictures and great dialogue. Glad to hear that Marla is again able to ride. Must be interesting,,,Charlie with an ice bag and Marla soaking in a hot tub. Sounds as if all is on track again. Congrats. M. Dad adds his best to you both.

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